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Miss and Little Miss Stellar 2021 Season 2 Officially Launched

A new national pageant for kids and teens is on the making. Established a year ago, Little and Miss Stellar Pageant was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From the original 64 candidates competing in three categories - Little Miss, Pre-Teen and Teen, only 19 competed when the pageant commenced virtually last March. The inaugural coronation night was held last May.

Organized by Rimah Talents Studio Management, Little and Miss Stellar pageant is back with its second edition. The pageant advocacy is Youth Empowerment.  It was virtually launched last July 24, 2021, this time with 61 candidates from all over the country. 

“I am happy that even during the pandemic, the RIMAH Talents Management project will continue. It was supposed to be a face to face pageant on the first edition but due to the lockdowns, we opted to have a virtual pageant.  It was a successful even if our original number of candidates was down to just 19 for the 3 categories”, said pageant organizer Shirimah Dimarunsing.  “We have good feedbacks with the Season 1 because our pageant is fair and square as we had credible judges – mostly pageant media. I am hoping that our Season 2 would be as successful as Season 1. My plan is that someday Miss and Little Miss Stellar would go international”, added Dimarunsing.

The Season 1 (2020-2021) Winners: 

Leedami Vargarette Curia
Little Miss Stellar Season 1 Grand Winner

Shadelle Saguisag
Miss Pre-Teen Stellar Season 1 Grand Winner

Ladea Mae Borja 
Miss Teen Stellar Season 1 Grand Winner

Aiyen Phey Quijano
Little Miss Stellar Season 1 Love

Lee Aiko Aquiza
Little Miss Stellar Season 1 Hope

Andrea Therese Acebron
Miss Pre-Teen Stellar Season 1 Love

Lyel Rhemeia Mahusay
Miss Pre-Teen Stellar Season Hope

Dhanielle Ashley Pernia
Miss Teen Stellar Season 1 Love

Jermaine Alexie Macaraig
Miss Teen Stellar Season 1 Hope

Rancheska Torres
Miss Teen Stellar Season 1 1st Princess

The Season 2 (2021) Official Candidates: 

1. Aliana Ornafel
2. Althea Lorizz Salazar
3. Althea Mea Roda
4. Amerie Olivia Sehiyo
5. Andrea Nilo Beginno
6. Berlyn Mae Buitizon
7. Chloe Nicole Aracan
8. Dhechdrai Haizekiah G. Elentorio
9. Eysha Sabrina De Leon
10. Feliza Jazz Marcelo
11. Graciella Zahzih Flojo
12. Hezekea Trixell Dequilla
13. Ishanna Ainsley Miguel
14. Jycah Louise Valencia
15. Keziah Kate Rubia
16. Louise Arabella Rabanzo
17. Ma Jennice Del Rosario
18. Marah NiƱa Silvestre
19. Mardian Kathe Jacob
20. Margaux Del Rosario
21. Mhari-Ehlisha Siagan Acuesta
22. Princess Raya marie Fabro
23. Querslyn Leigh Gantuan
24. Rhiana Jane Lontajo Darag
25. Saab Lovelle Canchico
26. Zoureia Margaux Del Rosario
27. Zoie Vyen Ferrer

1. Akio Jireh N. Aquiza
2. Andrea Amber Balan
3. Antonette Santos
4. Athena Nicole Bercasio Tumampo
5. Ceanna Yvez Cardino
6. Elaijah Venize Alcantara
7. Karylle Jayan
8. Kyzzia Castanares
9. Liann Xndrah Gappi
10. Princess Eughie Portades
11. Princess Ryza Damian
12. Rachell Lontajo
13. Sabina Brielle Evangelista
14. Samara Fernandez
15. Shakira Josseine L. Estabillo
1. Abigail Caban
2. Aliya Nahla DG Cruz
3. Anna Margarita Barte
4. Anne Nicole Marquez
5. Francine Palicte
6. Gehlee Dangca
7. Jayanna Adona Reyes
8. Johanna Castro
9. Julien Kaye Magtagad
10. Louise Talampas
11. Maria Ana Ysabel De Guzman
12. Marien Allison Lego
13. Mhari-Fhe Siagan Acuesta
14. Rhona Mae G. Bornales
15. Shamela Tuliao
16. Shanji Zamora Mancao
17. Sharmie Angel Roque
18. Tamara Hofalar Basa
19. Trisha Mae Fernandez
Little and Miss Stellar Season 2 Pageant will run until September. There will be several online challenges which includes – Tiktok Challenge, Online Voting, Promotional Video (Self Introduction), New Normal Fashion Competition, Summer Wear Competition and Gown Competition.  After these challenges, Top 10 for each category will be selected.  The final judging criteria will be Spoken Poetry for Little Misses, Photo Explanation for Pre-Teens and Q&A for Teens. 

The Season 2 winners will receive Cash, Sash, Crown, Certificates, Gift Packs and Fashion Armor Photoshoot  while all candidates Tiara, Sash, Certificates and Souvenirs. 

Little and Miss Stellar Virtual Finals will be on September 11, 2021. 

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