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Magandang Filipinas Org. releases statement addressing Eva Patalinjug's resignation as National Director

Magandang Filipinas Organization has released a statement in response to Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug's reason of resignation as Magandang Filipinas' National Director.

Magandang Filipinas : 

               Shadrach Crisostomo 

Eva Patalinjug 's Statement :


As publicized months ago, I have been offered the position as National Director of MAGANDANG FILIPINAS by its owner and chairman, SHADRACH LOPEZ CRISOSTOMO, also known as “LOPEZ AKING” on Facebook. Considering that this is the Philippines ' newest national beauty pageant, I accepted the position as I thought that this will be an avenue for me to promote great causes and advance women's empowerment. 

Magandang Filipinas held its virtual screening of around 150 aspirants, thirty of whom became the pageant's official candidates. The pageant's activities went smoothly until now. The coronation night for Magandang Filipinas was initially scheduled for 26 August 2021 in Bohol. However, this was canceled due to the surge of COVID-19 cases. This cancellation happened without my knowledge as National Director. Mr. Crisostomo belatedly informed me that the coronation will instead be held either in Baguio or Cebu on a later date.

Though I was the National Director for the pageant, I was not aware of any of the events organized by Mr. Crisostomo or his associates after the candidate screening. Potential sponsors had been asking me for the organizations legal documents so that they can have our sponsorship requests approved by their respective company’s board of directors. However, despite my earnest efforts to coordinate and open clear channels of communication with Mr. Crisostomo and his organization, my team and I were constantly rebuffed and were kept in the dark. Their failure to heed our reasonable requests made me question the legal existence of Magandang Filipinas and the entire organization of Mr. Crisostomo. 

I first asked Mr. Crisostomo's organization if he had any proper legal documents supporting the validity of the existence of Magandang Filipinas and its organization. However, despite repeated demands, I was verbally informed that Magandang Filipinas was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue and that it was private. These verbal representations were only just that: they failed to provide me with any documentary proof on this question of registration. 

Mr. Crisostomo's failure to be transparent with me as the pageant's National Director has led me to decide to let go of my engagement with Magandang Filipinas and its organization. My professional and personal differences with Mr. Crisostomo and his organization are irreconcilable, leaving me with no choice but to resign. 

With this resignation, I wish to inform the public that I am immediately severing any ties with Magandang Filipinas, OPC. I am withdrawing my endorsement of the pageant and cutting off any official connection with the pageant and its organization. 

Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat sa walang sawang pagsuporta sa akin!😢🙏🏻

Eva Patalinjug
Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018

                        Eva Patalinjug 

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