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Vianca Louise Marcelo in her Sarimanok National Costume


Vianca Louise Marcelo


A mystical sarimanok inspired costume that is depicted as a fowl with colorful wings and tail. Holding a fish on its beak that symbolizes good fortune for everyone who sees it. 

The magnificent yellow modern Filipiniana gown that represents the color of hope and joy amidst the crisis that the world is facing now.

Embelished with jeweled sarimanok patches on the bodice of the gown adorned from the famous and unique embroidery technique in Bocaue, Bulacan called Kadineta. An art that has been passed on through generations, a world class craftmanship. 

The creation also represent the vast unique cultural collaboration of artistry from Luzon (Kadineta embroidery and Filipiniana terno) to Mindanao (Sarimanok headpiece) . 

A masterpiece that is regarded as the beacon of yearning through this trying times. 

Designer: Paolo Blanco

Photography: Raymond Saldaña

Set design: Henry Reyes HGR Events and Sabrosas

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