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All set for "Kisig at Ganda Turismo Quezon 2019" Pageant on April 28, 2019

Thirty-two young Quezonians- 16 men and 16 women- will vie for the titles to promote the beauty and talents of Quezonians.

This year's Kisig and Ganda competition gets bigger and bolder as they hold the pageant at the Enverga Gymnasium in Lucena City on April 28, 2019. Martin Peter Avecilla and Angela Legaspi will be crowning their successors at the end of the event.

Photo: Kisig at Ganda Facebook

The competition was founded in 2010 and produced by Zebel Events Management, headed and directed by Mr. Ferdie Nadera. Now on its 10th edition,  Kisig and Ganda is a pageant for the benefit of talented special youth and Home for the Aged of Quezon Province. The titles might suggest a beauty competition, but in reality, it was a showcase of cultures and talents of Quezonian people. Good luck and see you at the finals!


1. Harvey T. Zarsadias - Pagbilao Quezon
2.Angelo B. Dudas- Lucena City
3. Raynato B. Capurihan- Lucena city
4 Janssen T. Tan - Lucena city
5. Eugene Angelo G. Valerio- Lucena City
6. Louie Jay Besa Sabate- Sariaya
7. Brian Benedict A. Reburiano- Mauban, Quezon. Candidate
8. Mikhael T. Padua - Lucena City, Quezon
9. Jass Harvey Palis - Lucena City
10 John Arnel P. Baculo Candelaria Quezon
11.Mc Dale Clifford P. Cabrera - Brgy. Ibabang Iyam, Lucena City.                     
12. Francis B. Manaois
-Brgy. Ibabang Iyam, Lucena City
13 John Ryan M.Perez - Brgy.Antipolo,Sariaya Quezon
14. Ian Jose Napenas Mulanay  quezon
15. Paul Hezron C. Gabuya - Malabanban Norte Candelaria Quezon
16. Jeffrey V. Pimentel - Wakas, Tayabas City


1. Allyza Macapar- Sampaloc II -Sariaya Quezon
2.Patricia R. Garcera -Tayabas Quezon
3. Mary Jane D. Gonzalbo-mamala -Sariaya Quezon
4. Maria Louise Cassandra Abella-Mayao Crossing Lucena City
5. Heart Ashly Rodas Lucena City
6. Ella De Guzman - Brgy. Balubal Sariaya, Quezon
7. Eunice Joyce Cabatian. Candelaria Quezon
8. Neshie Mae E. Cornelio- Tumbaga 2 Sariaya,Quezon
9. Joanaflor P. Caracas - Mulanay Quezon
10. Marienel P. Romabiles Pagbilao Quezon
11. Jane Nicole C. Manalo - Unisan, Quezon
12. Rio Geanne Gutierrez,  Ibabang Iyam Lucena City.
13 Mary Arianne I. Areda - Tayabas City
14. Zofia G Magsombol - Brgy Marketview - Lucena city
15. Mae Coronado Iyam Lucena city
16 Alyza R. San Jose - Padre Burgos Quezon

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