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Princess Megonondo is Miss World Indonesia 2019

Miss Jambi Princess Megonondo was crowned Miss Indonesia 2019 during the crowning ceremony held on February 15 at the MNC Studio in Jakarta. She succeeded last year's winner Alya Nurshabrina and will now represent Indonesia at Miss World 2019 pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thank God Allah for all the blessings, blessings and gifts that you give 🙏🏻
An amazing experience that I certainly can't get anywhere. For more than two weeks, we have been nurtured by great mentors to become better people.
I want to thank everyone for the support and prayers that have never been broken, especially from both my parents and extended family, the Jambi community, friends of the finalists from 34 provinces and people who have supported me from the start
Please pray for this one year that I can carry out the mandate well and bring the smell of Indonesia on Miss World.
And to my friends, the finalists of Miss Indonesia, thank you for the togetherness and all the wonderful experiences ❤
Once again thank you 🙏🏻❤ Jambi, we did it ❤️

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