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Norma Andrea Tejada is Miss Grand Ecuador 2018

Norma Andrea Tejada was announced as #MissGrandEcuador2018. A 22- year-old radio and television communicator from Los Ríos province with the height of 174 cm also studies acting and loves doing sports in her free time.

Norma is from Machala and believes that as Miss Grand Ecuador, it will open the doors to show the world Ecuador's essence as an Ecuadorian.

She would like to create a foundation to help raise awareness of how serious bullying is and how it should be treated. Norma also would like to provide psychological help to the victims and their families. Additionally, she would like to create another foundation for autistic children.

She invites the Ecuadorian youth to "Love their people and their land", that wherever they go, they create awareness and a sense of responsibility at work and in the face of conflicts that affect society.

Norma has now been preparing to represent Ecuador at Miss Grand International 2018 to be held in Myanmar this October. (source: Miss Grand International Facebook)

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