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Claudia Moras Baez of Cuba wins World Miss University 2017

Claudia Moras Baez of Cuba was crowned World Miss University 2017 held at Koh Pich Theatre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on December 20, 2017. Claudia bested 80 beauties from all over the globe and succeeded last year's winner Kelin Poldy Rivera Kroll from Peru.

Complete Results:
World Miss University 2017:  Claudia Moras Baez, Cuba
1st Runner-Up: Nina Yevtushenko, Ukraine
2nd Runner-Up: Daniela Gods Romanovska, Latvia

Continental Titles :
Miss Asia : Malaysia
Miss Europe : England
Miss South America : Guatemala

Special Awards :
Best Dresser: South Africa
Best in Talent: Colombia
Best in National Costume: Tanzania
Miss Media: Myanmar
Miss Mecenat Beauty: Ecuador
Miss Mecenat News: Bangladesh
Miss Tera: Vietnam
Miss Roses Team : Cambodia


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