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Barbara Vitorelli of Brazil is Miss Global 2017

IMAGE Justin Patrick Co Salvador

Barbara Vitorelli of Brazil was crowned Miss Global 2017 on November 17, 2017, at the Koh Pich Performance Theater in Pnom Penh, Cambodia. She bested more than 50 women from all over the world and succeeded last year's winner Angela Bonilla of Ecuador.

Miss Global 2017 - Miss Brazil
1st runner-up - Miss Bahamas
2nd runner-up - Miss Germany
3rd runner-up - Miss Somaliland
4th runner-up - Miss China

Top 10: Miss Australia, Miss Somaliland, Miss China, Miss USA, Miss Germany, Miss Lebanon, Miss Norway, Miss Mexico, Miss Bahamas, and Miss Brazil

Top 20: Miss Somaliland, Miss China, Miss Tibet, Miss Norway, Miss Vietnam, Miss Brazil, Miss South Africa, Miss Colombia, Miss Portugal, Miss Australia, Miss Suriname, Miss Germany, Miss Thailand, Miss Bahamas, Miss Philippines, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Lebanon, Miss Mexico, Miss USA, and Miss Cambodia.

Special Awards:
Miss Fitness- Miss Lebanon
Miss Photogenic- Miss Vietnam
Miss Congeniality- Miss Congo
Miss Goodwill- Miss Bulgaria
Miss Popularity- Miss Indonesia
Miss Fashion- Miss Thailand
Miss Talent- Miss Sri Lanka
Miss Ganzberg- Miss Philippines, Miss Cambodia and Miss Indonesia

IMAGE Barbara Vitorelli Facebook

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