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Miss Philippines Sarah Bona Wins first-ever Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017

Sarah Christine Bona from the Philippines was crowned the first-ever Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017. MISS NATURE INTERCONTINENTAL 2017 beauty pageant took place in Szczecin, Poland from 4th of September to 10th of September 2017. Sarah is not new in the glitz of beauty pageant, she was Binibini #34 at the 2016 edition of Bb. Pilipinas pageant, Miss Kaogma 2015, Miss Pulang Anggui 2015, Miss Hannas Eco-Tourism 2014, Miss Iriga 2015 1st Runner Up.

Winner: Philippines
First Runner-Up: Slovakia
Second Runner-Up: Bulgaria
Top 6

Here's everything you need to know about the pageant as posted in their website (google translated transcript) :

The beauty contest, the first edition of Miss Nature Intercontinental, draws attention to environmental issues, clean water and air, gaseous emissions, ground contamination, aggressive and often mindless extraction and use of raw materials and, consequently, healthy living. for human life. Candidates for five days will talk about environmental issues that exist in their countries and a representative of Poland, based on the knowledge, experience and achievements of our country, will have the opportunity to share such information in local and national media, and also via the Internet people from all over the world. @Pageanthology101

*Photos courtesy of Miss Nature Intercontinental Facebook


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