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Resigned Miss Earth Philippines 2016 IMELDA SCHWEIGHART Gives Birth

Controversial resigned Miss Earth Philippines 2016 IMELDA SCHWEIGHART has given birth to her baby BOY last July.
"Laboured for 7 hours on July 21 2017 #777777 Lucky 7's!
Gave birth to Sun Noach, #vegan baby. Happy one month and three days my Sun!
I had a water birth at home And right after i gave birth, Sun, went through #lotus #birthing (while breastfeeding). It is a process wherein the chord will not be cut off, we will wait for nature to take its course by letting the chord fall off itself. Lotus birthing is an ancient practice. Gentle birthing through Lotus Birth helps by not introducing trauma through the birthing process. 
She resigned as Miss Earth Philippines after a video of her criticizing the looks of Miss Earth 2016 winner Miss Ecuador goes viral online. She also compared Duterte as Hitler in one video with Miss Austria, had a rift with Leo Almodal and Karla Henry, the "Rambutan" issue and other controversial stuff.

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