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Tyra Banks Cheers Maureen Wroblewitz on Asia's Next Top Model Victory

As news of Maureen Wroblewitz's triumph at Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 broke out, Filipinos celebrated online through social networking sites.

18-year-old Maureen Wroblewitz has been receiving warm appreciations not even from Filipino fans but also from other Asians.

And look! Maureen's winning has drawn the attention of the executive producer and former presenter and judge of America's Next Top Model, TytTy! Tyra Banks - so much so that she left a heartfelt note:

Pinoy Queen! Mama TyTy is so proud of you!

screengrabbed from Maureen Wroblewitz's instagram

Wroblewitz has become the first Filipina to win the popular modeling search in Asia, Asia's Next Top Model.

'America's Got Talent' host Banks started her production company, "Ty Ty Baby Productions" — soon afterward changed to Bankable Productions which produced America's Next Top Model.

This is the first time Tyra expressed congratulations and appreciation for an #AsNTM winner.

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