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PRECIOUS MOMENTS: Miss Universe 1992 Candidates, REUNITED

"In 1992, we competed in the Miss Universe pageant and became friends for life. It is 25 years later and we will be reunited in Spain 3-7 June"

More than two decades after they competed at Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, some of the women of Class 1992 were reunited in Spain on June 3-7.

Watching these more than 16 ladies from different countries gather for a photo reminiscing about pageant’s past, we can see how happy they are to be reunited. Miss Netherlands Vivian Jansen coordinated the reunion and some of the candidates including their batch's winner Michelle McLean from Namibia flew to Spain for the get-together occasion.

This time around there didn't seem to be this air of anyone having to try and impress or prove anything to judges, but rather a feeling of being humbled by Miss Universe experiences which meant that conversations were deep and meaningful.

It's just so good to see them together.


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