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Miss Grand Thailand 2017 Hopeful Dies in Car Accident

Thailand's beauty pageant community is in the state of shock after one of the Miss Grand Thailand 2017 frontrunners  Rattana Ramchatu died in a car accident on June 1, just four days after winning the provincial search, Miss Grand Uthai Thani 2017.

Fies (Rattana's nickname) was killed in a car accident Thursday morning while traveling from Chomphon to Bangkok where she had some charity works to attend as part of being Miss Grand Uthai Thani.

She is supposed to represent the province of Uthai Thani at the upcoming Miss Grand Thailand 2017 which is set to be held on July 18, 2017.

From Pageanthology 101, we want to express our deepest condolence to the death of  Rattana Ramchatu.



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