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Miss Earth-Water 2012 Osmariel Villalobos Beaten by Sexy Singer

Miss Earth Venezuela 2002 Osmariel Villalobos was hospitalized after Venezuelan sexy singer Goddess Canales hit her on Friday night in a gym in Caracas.

In an interview conducted by the web portal Caraota Digital, Osmariel told that the singer entered the bathroom and said "I'm going to destroy you", Osmariel ignored her until Goddess began to beat her.

Villalobos said that her lawyers will file a criminal case against Goddess Canales.

In November 2016, these two women starred in a heated discussion on national television. They were invited at  "La Colina" show to talk about their achievements, but these beauties ended up throwing insults at each other.

Osmariel represented Venezuela in Miss Earth 2012 in the Philippines and won the "Miss Earth-Water" (2nd runner-up) title and Miss Photogenic Award.

Diosa Canales

Osmariel (far-right) with her Miss Earth 2012 co-winners

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