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Hong Kong's Placement in Miss Universe Pageant

Hong Kong's placement in Miss Universe pageant.

Hong Kong holds the record of being the first Asian country to place in the Miss Universe pageant. Judy Dan of Hong Kong was 3rd Runner Up to Armi Kuusela in 1952. Virginia Lee Wai-Chun was the 2nd runner-up to Miriam Stevenson of USA in 1954. Pauline Yeung was the last Hong Kong national who placed in Miss Universe in 1988, 4th Runner- Up.

Chinese government did force the Hong Kong franchisee to give up the Miss Universe franchise for a Chinese company based in China back in late 2001. Since then, there's no miss HK in Miss Universe anymore. The last Miss Hong Kong beauty in Miss Universe was Sonija Kwok, who competed in 2000 in Cyprus.

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