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Angelique De Leon: I am Not Joining Any More Pageants

Angelique De Leon  opened up to her fans that she will not joining beauty pageants anymore. She tried for the 3rd time in Binibining Pilipinas 2017 pageant. Despite failing to win a Binibining Pilipinas crown, Angelique is grateful for the love and support given to her during the competition.

Here’s Angelique's explanation and message to her fans that she posted on her Facebook account:

For real though. I am not joining any more pageants. Not Miss Earth, Miss World nor Miss Global.
I have a job I need to go back to --- a job I love and wherein I am deeply loved and appreciated by my staff, my boss and my clients. I am now 27 years old and who gets to be a General Manager at the age of 26? This is an equally important achievement and dream for me. I can't chase a dream forever if it wasn't meant to be while others would kill to have my position in the company at a very young age.
A lot would say that they have been a beauty queen during their 20s but not many would be able to say that they were a beauty queen and a general manager during their 20s. My plans have been set for the coming years and hopefully everyone would appreciate that it is the end of the road for me in the pageant scene.
But you'll never know. You may never see me as a candidate in any pageant but maybe... you'll see me as a franchise owner? Lol 😂 I was told that if you want to dream, might as well dream big 💪🏼👑 if you can't win the crown, might as well buy it 😂 JOOOKE 😂
#PeroPwedeDin #MissUniverseCanadaDaw Tapos si Weng De Leon bibilhin ang #MissUniverseAustralia si Victoria Sabina Lorenzo-de Leon bibilhin ang #MissUniverseIndonesia Maglalaban laban kaming mag-ina sa Miss Universe 😂

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