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Amber Bernachi of Canada Wins Miss Eco International 2017

26-year-old Amber Bernachi of Canada is the winner of Miss Eco International 2017. She succeeded last year's winner Natalie Carvajal of Costa Rica. Amber will be now be the ambassador of environmental causes and promoter of the tourism in Egypt globally, and will receive estimated amount of US$10,000. The pageant was held on April 15, 2017 at Jolie Ville Sharm El Sheikh International Congress Center in Egypt.

Amber Bernachi
Amber graduated with an Honors degree in Business Administration and a Political Science Degree, both from the University of Windsor and competed in Miss Universe Canada 2016.

Over 60 of the most beautiful women from around the world competed to become the successor of last year's winner Costa Rica’s Natalia Carvajal. Despite the recent incidents that happened in Egypt, the girls are under very tight security, with several police officers deployed to achieve their goal of a "zero incident" throughout the entire course of the competition. Formerly Miss Eco Universe, Miss Eco International is sponsored by the ministries of tourism and antiquities and the Tourism Promotion Authority of Egypt.

Miss Eco International 2017 Canada
1st runner : Pakistan
2nd runner up : Belgium
3rd runner up : Vietnam
4th runner up : Belarus

Miss Eco International 2017 TOP 10: Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Canada, Belgium, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Panama & Russia.

Miss Eco International 2017 TOP 21: Ukraine, Belarus, Indonesia, Panama, Mauritius, Moldova, Malta, Belgium, Canada, China, Chile, Montenegro, Russia, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Myanmar, Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam & Philippines (Multimedia Award Winner)

Miss Eco International 2017 Best National Costume: Panama; 1st runner-up: Egypt; 2nd runner-up: Indonesia


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