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Miss World Malaysia 2016 Stripped of her Crown Over Comments Online

A Malaysian beauty queen was "de-crowned" for allegedly "offensive" comments online.

Tatiana Kumar Nandha, who was named Miss World Malaysia 2016 in August last year and represented Malaysia in Miss World finals in December 2016 in Maryland, United States was stripped of her title by the organization.

Miss World Malaysia franchise holder Anna Lin stated that Tatiana and her family made several offensive comments against the organization online. “There are certain formalities, and she has also breached one involving an important sponsor. This has led to the contract being terminated,” said Lin.

Lim also added that Tatiana had also embarrassed her on her Facebook page by giving the impression her company failed to pay for her air tickets for the Miss World 2016 finals.

Tatiana clarified that she had received a letter from Dato Anna Lin’s company that stated that there was a breach on the agreement formed between her and the company.  “The termination of the Agreement and the removal of my title are wrongful and wholly unjustified, as I have certainly not breached the Agreement or any so-called Code of Conduct. More importantly, the allegations made against me are wholly false and unacceptable. I am very upset and disappointed with these allegations as I have conducted myself with utmost professionalism as Miss Malaysia World 2016 to-date,” said Tatiana in her official statement.

“In this regard, I am currently seeking legal advice and will be seeking legal redress. Pending such legal advice, I have been advised not to make any further public statements for the time being.”, Tatiana added.

It is the first time a Malaysian neauty queen has lost her crown. Shweta Kaur Sekhon, last year's first runner-up assumed the title.

Shweta Sekhon, new Miss World Malaysia 2016

Tatiana and Shweta


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