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Some LATINAS Miss Universe Candidates Criticize Fat Semi-Finalist

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After seeing the 65th Miss Universe crowning, many people agreed that something has changed.

The contest not only made changes in the classification dynamics going from 15, first to 12 and then to 13 finalists, but after finishing the era in which Donald Trump was the owner of the contest, seem to be aimed at highlighting other attributes beyond Physical beauty.

Steve Harvey's conversations with each of the misses that passed the final night competition seemed to account for each one having a life-history. Also, it caught the attention of the inclusion of Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell, considered a model of great size.

The exclusion of great favorites like Miss Venezuela, Miss Nicaragua, and Miss Australia were right for those who said: "The Miss Universe is not the same." The social networks did not stop in terms of criticism and jokes about what the new parameters would be for the candidates.

Well, some misses seem to agree, specifically a group of Latinas ...

Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach, Miss Mexico Kristal Silva, Miss Panama Keity Drennan, Miss Ecuador  Connie Jimenez,  Miss Argentina, Estefania Bernal, and Miss Guatemala, Virginia Argueta, while enjoying snacks.

"Here we are the Latin queens," says the Argentine. Then the Venezuelan intervened and said: "we are eating to get fat and see who wins now".

Several users have commented that this was an "indirect" by the election of Canada, or also, to Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, who was said to have increased a few kilos during the competition.

For her part, the Mexican went to the camera to show a treat and say "I'm finally free, I'm free".

Here's the video :

Siera Bearchel, Miss Canada

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