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National Costume of Miss Universe PARAGUAY 2016

The allegorical costume of  ANDREA MELGAREJO, Miss Paraguay!

Her costume was inspired by the national flower of Paraguay, Mburucuyá. Mburucuyá is the Guaraní name for certain passion flowers, such as Passiflora caerulea and Passiflora edulis. It is the origin of the term "maracujá", and namesake for several localities in South America.

It is inspired by "The Legend of Mburucuya Flower", a story about forbidden love between a Spanish catholic girl an a local Indian boy. When she found out that her lover had been killed on her father's order, she decided to kill herself by stabbing her heart with an arrow, then she died next to her lover. After the tragedy, a peculiar new plant grew on the unfortunate couple's grave. The plant opens its charmed beautiful flowers during day, and closed at night.

It is completely hand painted and has details in Ńandutí laces.

 Melgarejo Gonzale is extreme sport lover who was born in Villarrica, Paraguay. This 22 year old is always on the go as she is a medical student, a haute couture professional model, a car racing co driver, and a chemistry, math and physics teacher. Gonzale also volunteers at schools from rurals areas, orphanages, nursing homes, and assists children who are deaf. If crowned Miss Universe, she would love to encourage others to help save lives by being organ donors.

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