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Miss Venezuela MARIAM HABACH Controversy


Why don't I like Mariam Habach? Many people have criticized me for not including her in my Top 12. There are a lot of things that I know and that I didn't want to tell, but I decided to do them publicly so that everyone understands my point of view. I am Venezuelan and I am always going to support, not only the misses, but the good things about my country, but I can't support the bad and Habach is in that category. I'll explain myself, it's not about the country, but it's about the girl, in this case, Mariam Habach. Good people and bad people in all parts, it's not about generalizing, when a person acts badly, it is what it is. It changed my mind and I saw her in a different lens. Many of you only are watching the final package, but you don't know the person personally. I maintain friendship and good relations with Osmel Sousa and also the Dr. Javier Gomez, Mariam's manager, and it was thanks to the doctor that I went to Barquisimeto to cover the pageant Miss Centrooccidental 2015 where Mariam Habach won, I met her there, and shamefully in that same place where she won that regional crown, I saw how she mistreated, not only people close to her, but the humble employees of the place. Mariam never did anything bad to me nor have I known that she has talked bad about me either, but the only thing is that I saw her mistreat others, with my own eyes, it made me realize the kind of person she is. Inquiring a little bit more here and there, in that very Barquisimeto, I was able to realize that my perception was not mistaken. Mariam has always been a rich girl, that she has had everything, and that she has been very badly raised. She has been raised with riches, full of luxury and that's not to critique her. But what I criticize her for is, shamefully, that way of life has given her footing to be an arrogant girl, that she looks down on people that aren't of her socioeconomic level, that she only cares about banal things, that she makes fun of people because they unfortunately haven't had the luck she has had. And that way of being makes it so that I can't see her as beautiful, I see her as a stepsister of Cinderella, I see her ugly outside like it is inside... And she doesn't compete fairly, she's the kind that will break heels and dresses or that she'll leave with your stuff. And ask the people who have competed with her, in the nine pageants that she has competed in and won (because she now already thinks she has won Miss Universe) and she is already declaring that she will live a year in New York. Ask the various girls that have competed with her in Miss CentroOccidental or in Miss Venezuela, or better yet, the girls competing with her at Miss Universe in Manila, why do they refer to her as "her" because they don't want to say her by name? Many say that it's due to envy, that they see a strong candidate, but no guys, it's not just that. Ask Miss Uruguay who has been humiliated and has been made to cry by Mariam every day for mean comments. Ask the chaperones and the staff why they are sick of her. Because she is used to treating "plebiscites" badly, how she has defined the people beneath her. She treats the Manila hotel employees badly, she treats her competitors badly, she treats the whole world badly. She is "fake", she looks like something she isn't. Now I should recognize that she has been made the major favorite in the Philippines, she has an excellent body, exquisite walk, is elegant, and with money the money she has, she has known to dress really well. The surgeries have improved her (although many people think otherwise). That is undeniable. It's not about talking bad about the girl nor offend the reputation of a lady, how surely many who defend her or revere her are going to leave saying. It's not about trying that, it's about explaining the reasons that to me she does not seem suitable to be part of the finalists, much less winner of Miss Universe. And to the Venezuelans who follow pageants vehemently, I only say be more humble, I have read many arrogant comments, that you have already figured that Habach has already won. Or are pests to other candidates. Guys, don't count the chickens before they hatch, they are less pendant already for what we have been shown in other countries, for believing that we were the best and the others were shit. I believe in the changes they are making at Miss Universe. And I believe a representative should win who represents what Miss Universe now is. It's not just a beauty pageant, but a casting call for a job. If Mariam wins Miss Universe, great for Venezuela. The country needs some happiness in between a lot of disgrace, but I am never going to support a person with a bad heart, be whatever country she is from. Good day to everyone!!!

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