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Miss Universe's Owner : New Format for Swimsuit Competition

MISS PHILIPPINES ( 2010-2015) during Miss Universe Swimsuit PRELIM 

The new Miss Universe management WME/ IMG  unveiled a new changes to take effect immediately on the upcoming edition of Miss Universe.

According to news report by New York Post,  for swimsuit competition, contestants will walk out on stage in groups of four rather than one by one.

Also, WME/IMG is looking to bring in more fashion designers.

The three-hour show will also include more stories and video clips about the individual contestants.

Well, beauty queens have a lot more to do, than just look beautiful. A beauty pageant isn't about walking the ramp in the skimpiest of clothes.

On this edition, pageant is about cracking the tough round of questions and answers with conviction. On the article, it said that contestants will be asked more topical, weightier questions on subjects like gun control and politics.

What Do You Think About This New Rule?

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