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MISS UNIVERSE 2016 Astrology Predictions

From Cancun-based astrologer of the Mayan calendar, Miss Universe 2016 winner is...... just kidding ladies and gentlemen!

With 86 beauties all over the universe, I narrowed down 13 beauties who I think, I feel, I sense, I smell, hmm  would snatch the coveted Miss Universe DIC crown.

There's a lot of talk and predictions online of who could take the prestigious title of the most beautiful woman in the universe and I have come up with my Top 13 list of who I think could win.
I derived our list as Preliminary PERFORMANCE-BASED ASSESSMENT, candidates' photos and videos online.  The list is based on what I feel will happen, not necessarily what I would like to happen.

First I give you Pageanthology 101's Special Awards :

Best Faces (in no particular order): 
1. Ecuador
2. Philippines
3. Great Britain
4. Puerto Rico
5. Poland
6. Singapore
7. Argentina
8. Vietnam

Best Bodies :
1. Venezuela
2. Thailand
3. Kosovo
4. Costa Rica
5. France

Good Communicators (based on interviews, videos online)
1. Cayman Islands
2. Sierra Leone
3. Curacao
4. Costa Rica
5. Canada
6. USA
7. Korea
8. Malaysia
9. South Africa
10. Mauritius

Most Energetic Candidates
1. Brazil
2. Costa Rica
3. Venezuela

Best National Costumes
1. Myanmar
2. Malaysia
3. Peru
4. Bolivia
5. Indonesia

Final Verdict
I never thought Maxine Medina, Miss Philippines, will be rocketing to the top of our list. She's not my favorite to win the crown before, but she's on my list of Top 6. It's hard to say exactly what it is about her that makes her so special, but there's something about her aura that just draws you to love her. Whether you like it or not,"yan po ang lumabas sa aking baraha!". 

"Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang kapalaran natin, gabay lamang sila. Mayroon tayong free will" -Zenaida Seva

Possible Spoilers : Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Canada.

What I would like to happen : 

Winner : Brazil
1st Runner Up : Sierra Leone
2nd Runner Up : Philippines
4. Great Britain
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. France
8. Bolivia
9. Kenya
10. Curacao
11. Colombia
12. Ukraine
13. Ecuador

Goodluck for tomorrow's show and whoever wins has my total support!

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