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The Real Story Behind Bb. Pilipinas '82 "Virginity Q & A": Maria Isabel Lopez and Rita Gomez

This ends the urban legend that Maria Isabel Lopez was asked by Rita Gomez if she is still a virgin during Binibining Pilipinas 1982 finale. Through the years, we thought that the legendary Pinay beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez was the one who was asked by Rita Gomez on "virginity question". Actually, it was a different candidate who was asked by Madam Rita, one of the original Bomba Queens of Pinoy movies, on stage and in live tv telecast of Bb. Pilipinas 1982 Pageant. The real interviewee : Janet Sales of Metro Manila.

Janet Sales was a semifinalist that night and also won Miss Sunsilk. She also joined Mutya ng Pilipinas 1986 and was a runner-up.

Here's a transcript of the Q and A circulated throughout the years but eventually proved as a hoax.

Q (asked by actress Rita Gomez): Here’s your question, hija, Are you still a virgin?
Maria Isabel: If I say I still am, can I bring home the crown tonight?
Rita: Good answer!
Maria Isabel: What about you Ma’am, are you still a virgin?
Rita: Hija, I have 5 children with 5 different fathers, and what do you call that, Immaculate Conception?

Here's the actual video

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