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Janine Tugonon's Art Nude Calendar, Now On Sale!

“I flew to the US from Philippines with a DREAM. I wanted to AIM HIGHER. to be globally known and excellent in this industry (modeling and acting). Being in this calendar is a huge opportunity to showcase my beauty and personality, a great exposure for me and hopefully will be the beginning of a long lasting successful career in this field I’m very passionate about,” Janine Tugonon's said in her profile posted at the NU Musies website.

Janine Tugonon's nude photos for Nu Muses are now out in the market. The Nu Muses website comes in not one but three limited edition packaging as well as individual fine print arts.

Miss Universe 2012 First Runner-Up Janine  was selected from over 1,000 applicants which was later trimmed down to 100 then 30 and finally to the 12 that comprised the very first batch of Nu Muses. The official selection was announced last October and formally introduced with a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot last month in Dominican Republic.

According to news website interaksyon, The 20×24 fine print art of each model alone is available at $1,200 which at the current exchange rate roughly translates to P60,000, while a bigger 30×40 print has a price tag of $1,800 or about P90,000. Only five copies are available for each size which is printed on archival Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl with a certificate of authenticity so some bragging rights do come with each purchase.

The calendar itself is available in limited quantities. The collector’s edition box set presented in a handmade, specially designed, hardback linen folio and consisting of 12×16 prints will set back each buyer by $1,000 or around P50,000. Only 1,000 copies are available in this configuration.

Janine Tugonon in one of the photos taken by David Bellemere for the 2017 Nu Muses calendar.

The bigger premium edition containing 20×24 sized prints is available only in 100 copies and carries a price tag of $10,000 or about P500,000. The deluxe luxury edition of 24×24 prints presented in a linen handcrafted box and floating on a sculptural Lucite stand retails for a whopping $20,000 or P1 million as only 20 of these pricey babies are being sold.

Each edition of the calendar is numbered, stamped and comes with certificate of authenticity but only the premium and deluxe editions are signed by celebrated photographer David Bellemere.

Inspired by the popular Pirelli calendars of the 1980s, the Nu Muses calendar was conceived by Bellemere, famous for his work with Victoria’s Secret, and Steve Shaw, founder of Treats! Magazine, a U.S.-based limited-edition erotica and fine arts publication.

The calendar was officially unveiled last December 2 in Miami during the world renowned Art Bassel event.

WATCH : Janine Tugonon Reacts To Her Naked Photographs for the NU Muses Calendar​

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