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Travels of Pia Wurtzbach and Past Miss Universe Queens

One of the extravagant perks of being Pia Wurtzbach is that she is entitled to a series of travel that help raise awareness for charitable causes and sponsor events. Miss Universe 2015 has given the oppurtunity to fly beautiful destinations around the world. Pia had a really busy year, full of media tour and appearances in events.

As of this point in time, the third Pinay Miss Universe and the first Miss Universe winner under new management of WME/IMG went to Indonesia, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Cayman Islands, Thailand, Panama, in multiple cities across the United States, and the Philippines.

Her remaining months as Miss Universe will be very busy preparing for the Miss Universe Pageant which is set to be held in the Philippines on January 30th, 2017.

Here are the places that our past Miss Universe queens travelled during their reigns :

Paulina Vega :  The Bahamas, Canada, Chile, China, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, France, India, Indonesia, Italy and numerous trips around the US.

Paulina Vega in Paris, France

Gabriela Isler : Austria, Azerbaijan, The Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, Curaçao, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Russia, and numerous trips around the United States.

Gabriela Isler in Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Olivia Culpo : Indonesia, Russia, Ecuador, Morocco, The Bahamas, Canada, England, India, and numerous trips around the United States.

Olivia Culpo in India

Leila Lopes : Singapore, Indonesia, Angola, Cambodia, Bahamas, Gabon, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, Dominican Republic, Portugal, France, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Brazil, Guyana, Nicaragua, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Russia and numerous trips around the USA.

Leila Lopes in South Africa

Ximena Navarrete : Spain, multiple trips in Mexico, Indonesia, China, France, India, Russia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile and Bahamas in addition to numerous trips around the United States

Ximena Navarrete in Thailand

Stefania Fernandez : Indonesia, Curaçao, Venezuela, France, Puerto Rico, Russia, Colombia, Panama, the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, Argentina, Spain, Rwanda, and Ecuador; India and numerous trips around the United States.
Stefania Fernandez in India
Dayana Mendoza : Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, France, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Russia, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Argentina, Romania and Vietnam, in addition to numerous trips around the United States and her homecoming in Venezuela.

Dayana Mendoza in Ukraine

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