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Rumor Mill : Miss Universe might bring back "Little Sisters" in Manila!

Miss Universe Organization's Stage Production team is rumored to be considering the possibility of bringing back the "Little Sisters" at the evening gown competition in Miss Universe.

According to sources, pageant's production team would probably making more creative elements for the 65th edition which is set to be held in the Philippines on January 30th.  And due to the public's insistent demand, it seems like the upcoming Miss Universe show might follow the traditional plot in stage: the iconic "Little Sisters".

The “Little Sisters” inaugurated in 1983 when Miss Universe was held in  St. Louis, Missouri, USA but made its final play in Chelsi Smith's crowning event during Miss Universe 1995 in Windhoek, Namibia. Each of the girls who had a semifinalist sister presented her with a flower  escorting her to center-stage.

But this time, fans should expect better production style for the "Little sisters" segment, a twist! And once you know there's a twist, it becomes all you can look for.

There will be a new tweaks, transformation, new stylistic mixes because of catwalk evolution and music, as the traditional evening gown show format was completely revolutionized. Let's see on how the production team will preserve the essence of "Little Sisters" segment in a modern way with “You Are My Star" song.

I hope this rumor is true!! Your thoughts?

Like Raul Phillip Gatal wrote in her article "Remember the Little Sisters of Miss Universe?":
 "Bringing back the Little Sisters would surely give the pageant a dose of wholesomeness, an air of innocence and a touch of elegance"

Semifinalists with little sisters debuted in Miss Universe 1983 pageant
Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser

Some Filipina  girls during Miss Universe 1994 in Manila 
Miss Universe 1995 from USA Chelsi Smith was the last winner with a Little Sister
Jennifer Weiselberg Auerbach was the “little sister” of Miss Philippines Desiree Verdadero during the 1984 Miss Universe pageant. Miss Philippines Desiree Verdadero was the third runner-up that year, and walked with Auerbach by her side. Auerbach said she still remembers the day well.
After the competition, the two did not talk for 30 years. But in January 2015, they reconnected thru facebook.

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