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Patrik Sjoo of Sweden, Manhunt International 2016

Patrik Sjoo of Sweden was named Manhunt International 2016 in the city of Shenzhen, China, October 29th 2016. 

The 24 year-old model took US$ 7500 cash prize who was also the second Swedish man Manhunt International winner. 

Manhunt International 2016 Results:

Hong Kong, Ba Te Er (1st runner-up)
England, Chris Bramell, (2nd runner-up), 
Angola, Mauricio Eusébio (3rd runner-up) 
Brazil, Ramon Pissaia, 4th runner-up

Top 16
Lebanon, Zawil Bilal
Guam, Jon Kanemoto
Venezuela, Francisco Gil Riera
Russia, Andrey Kharkovskiy
Dominican Republic, Digno Guerrero Chalas
China, Tian Ze Yu
Spain, Francisco Cortes
Slovakia, Kristian Kucera
Thailand, Phiratthaphong Mooltribut
Philippines, Don Cochico
Germany, Marvin Kwane

Special awards:

Mr. Photogenic :HONG KONG
Mr. Physique : SINGAPORE
Mr. Friendship : PERU
Mr. Personality : VENEZEULA
Best Runway Model : GUAM
Best Performance : ANGOLA
Best Vigour : NEW ZEALAND
Best Commercial Model: MACAU
Best Asian Model : CHINA
Best European Model : GERMANY
Best American Model : DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Best Charm : ROMANIA
Best Image Representative: MONGOLIA
Best Fashion Model : HONG KONG
Best Sexy Model : DENMARK
Best Masculine Charm: CZECH REPUBLIC
Best Stage TV Movie Model: KOREA
Mr. Internet Popularity : THAILAND

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