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Miss Earth Vietnam Becomes Media Sensation in Vietnam

Miss Earth Vietnam 2016 Nguyễn Lệ Nam Em became a sensation in Vietnam after making it to the Final 8 at the recently concluded Miss Earth 2016.

Nguyễn Lệ Nam Em appeared as VIP Guest at Hanoi International Film Festival 2016 last Nov. 6. Nam Em and a Filipino Director were invited to announce Best Actor award at the film festival. She told  that The Philippines is a beautiful country and Filipinos are warm and friendly. She also guested in  lot of TV shows in her country.

Nam Em is the only Asian  who managed to enter on Top 8 semi- finalists. She also won Miss Photogenic, Missosology's People's Choice award and  Top 3 in Eco Beauty Video. Nguyễn Thị Lệ Nam Em also won silver at Talent  and Evening gown competition during Miss Earth 2016 pageant in Manila, Philippines.

Nam Em at Hanoi International Film Festival 2016

TV Guesting

Miss Earth 2016 Top 8 Finalist Nguyen Le Nem Em of Vietnam was greeted by supporters and fans at Ho Chi Minh Airport.

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