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Edymar Martinez's Small Act of Kindness w/ Kylie Goes A Long Way

Edymar Martinez, Miss International 2015 from Venezuela always tagged as a sweet and serene beauty queen. The 7th Venezuelan Miss International winner is such a goddess, possessing enigmatic beauty.

Stories of random acts of kindness never fail to make anyone’s day, especially when it involves Filipinos.

Edymar captured the heart of Filipino fans when she had shown kindness with Miss Philippines and now Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa.

This photo of Edymar Martinez seen helping out Kylie Verzosa on her evening dress to look better for pictorials went viral on different pageant groups and pages. This simple gesture of kindness of 21-year-old Martinez changed the entire outlook on pageant rivalry of the two pageant powerhouses, Philippines and Venezuela.

Kylie also posted  a sweet messages on her instagram for 2015 Miss International Edymar Martinez :

“To Edymar, you've been such an inspiration; your beauty is beyond compare, I cannot believe still i am following your footsteps. I can only wish to do as good as you. I am so grateful"

"This is @edymarmartinez and my parents after finals night. @edymarmartinez, you have been an inspiration to me since the beginning, I will do my best to follow the bar you have put so high. I am so honored and grateful to be given the same opportunity you've had. You are the definition of beauty, charm and love. Thank you for all your kindness!"

UPDATE: Edymar's response to Kylie's  post:

Here are some heartwarming images of two Miss International icons shared during pageant week in Japan.

Thank you Edymar for the wonderful gesture you've shown with Kylie. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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