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Why MISS INTERNATIONAL Pageant continues to matter? By Fernan Mendoza

Why Miss International continues to matter?

Pageant sites and portals may attempt to demote and replace it from their so-called roster of "Grandslam" pageants.

Another pageant may have succeeded in usurping its name and reduced it as the "lesser" or "less grander" Miss International pageant solely on the basis of production value.
Some people may refused to recognize it as their country continue to fail and the crown remain elusive to them; Miss International - the Japan based pageant should remain a rightful and deserving part of the Alpha, the Elite, the Big 5, and Major Pageants not only due to its long history but more so for its contribution to the society.

Miss International 2015 Winners

Miss International, like its co-equal pageants actually WALK THE TALK and live what they advocate - "the realization of world peace through mutual understanding."

The pageant did not merely mouthed or embraced a slogan to be used for their praise release. They never promised to stop wars when they cannot even rein their followers. Miss International and its organizer do not merely talk about contributing to the society as they actually contributes to the society.
Miss International 2014 Winners

The Organization may not spend a lot of money on its productions and final shows but the organization happens to know where to really and worthily placed their money. While some pageants are spending too much for the blings, for the superficial to actually convince themselves and a pageant portal that they are worthy of being branded as a grandslam pageant just because of their grand productions that never really contributed to the propagation of their so-called advocacy the Miss International pageant donates their money to underprivileged children around the world, through Unicef and other charity institutions via the Miss International Fund!

Yes folks, the Miss International Organization is an active and recognized partner of UNICEF!
What about the so-called grander pageant? How many lives have they touched?

- Fernan Mendoza

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