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Not 4th, but 2nd Runner Up! PH's Andrea Biondo | Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016

We would like to clarify certain points regarding the placements of winners at the recently concluded Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 held in Indonesia. The initial result of the pageant according to Mister Universal Ambassador official facebook page and on social media was that the Philippines' representative Andrea Biondo  placed 4th runner up.

grabbed from Mister Universal Ambassador Facebook Account

So we would like to make clear that the 23-year-old Mr. Philippines Andrea is indeed the Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 2nd runner-up and Mister SouthEast Asia International while Alejandro Martinez of Dominican Republic is First Runner-Up instead of 3rd Runner-Up.

 According to Sash Factor (MUA online media partner) : "This was in no way an error on announcement. Host Willan Pagayon actually was given a correction by the org when he was announcing the 2nd runner up/ 4th runner up title. With a LIVE broadcast on ONTV, there are unintentional errors that might have been overlooked and it would not be anyone’s fault".

Mister Philippines Andrea Biondo and Mister Dominican Republic Alejandro Martinez were the only two other contestants who received  trophies aside from title winner Aleksa Gavrilovic of Serbia.

Supporting details/ grabbed at Pageanthology 101's comment section

Here's the official results :

Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 - SERBIA.
2nd Runner up - PHILIPPINES Andrea Biondo (also Mister South East Asia)
Mister Asia International 2016 - VIETNAM
Mister Globe International 2016 - PERU

In total, 4 international titles were given out in that event together with the Mister Universal Ambassador title. Congratulations!

Andrea Biondo (Instagram)



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