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Miss Earth CANADA defends IMELDA SCHWEIGHART from Online Bullying!

Tamara Jemuovic, Miss Earth Canada 2016,  tearfully addressed online bullying to the defense of Philippines' host delegate Imelda Schweighart at the Miss Earth 2016 Thanksgiving dinner held last night, October 18th, at  Seda Hotel, BGC Taguig.

Tamara defended her pal Ima (Imelda) and told off all those haters who have recently been giving Miss Philippines a bit of a hard time. Miss Canada told that Ima deleted her social media accounts because she has been targeted recently through her accounts an  extremely inappropriate hate messages.

"Bullying is not to be tolerated, and that's not okay!", Tamara said.

It all started when  Imelda Schweighart drew flak from netizens her comments regarding President Rodrigo Duterte and dicataor Adolf Hitler during her facebook live video with Miss Austria Kimberly Budinsky.  Imelda took to facebook to apologize for what she said then  who has been received with complaints, mainly netizens from her own country Philippines.

Right after "Hitler-Duterte" issue Miss Philippines-Earth Imelda Schweighart jokingly likened herself to Albert Einstein.  This after a listener of the dzMM radio show Sakto — which is hosted by Ahwel Paz and Jobert Sucaldito — described her as "baliw" or crazy.

"To the person who said I look like I'm crazy, can I say something something? Because Einstein, Einstein was thought of as crazy.  And a lot of intelligent people are mistakenly called crazy and are a bit crazy", Ima defended in one  interview.

And the recent issue was about "Rambutan" stuff.
The controversy was when her co-candidates complained abdominal pain. According to scoops, girls asked her if the rambutan seed can be eaten and Imelda  said yes.

Luissa Burton, Miss England

Palawena beauty queen took to Facebook to explain about controversy:

Before she deactivated her social media accounts she lashed out  her haters by posting this: 

Here are some of the memes created by some netizens against the beauty queen :

Rambutan-inspired national costume

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