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BREAKING : Miss Iceland Leaves Miss Grand International Competition!

After she posted instagram video clarifying "weight issue" and two days before the Miss Grand International finale, Miss Grand Iceland Arna Yr Jonsdottir has decided to leave the competition and go back home!

The controversial issue has gone viral at the pageantry world after Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, Miss Iceland 2015, took on her snapchat and was seen in tears telling that she has been told by the owner of the Miss Grand International pageant that she is too fat and needs to lose weight before the grand finale on Tuesday.

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At last year's edition in Thailand,  Miss Kurdistan and Miss Russia also left the Miss Grand International competition. Miss Kurdistan was claiming that she did not receive proper assistance and that candidates were not given enough food and water. The organization has denied the allegations.

Miss Iceland posted this video on her instagram  clarifying the issue but deleted it. She eventually decided to leave the competition.

She posted this cryptic message on her instagram :


Miss Iceland posted on her facebook that it was not misunderstanding. Allegations that she was asked to lie on her posted video for the reputation of the pageant.

I’m going to stand up for myself, all the women and the Icelandic nation. I’m not going to let me say that I have too much fat externally me to be cool on stage.
I stopped. I’m not a range of beauty contest Miss Grand International. Lovely people contacted me who is going to bring me home in the morning, I left the hotel and the price the rest of the night. 
I left a letter to the owner and explained how ridiculous this is a message.
“If you are going to do an international beauty pageant you at least have to be able to see the international beauty” I said to the owner of the competition.
This was not a misunderstanding but I was told to say that I’m terribly sorry.
Thanks so much for your support! I go home as a winner and proud Icelander most in the world.
P.S. Pins placed on the shelf! 

– Miss Iceland, Arna Yr.

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