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♛ MAN OF THE YEAR 2016 | Contestants ♛

Meet the contestants of the very first  edition of  "Man of The Year 2016"  happening from 13th-22nd of August 2016  in Pekanbaru Riau, Indonesia.

The newest international male pageant looking for somebody who best represents the following 5 words: MASTERLY, MINDFUL, MANLY, MASCULINE and MODERN. For social and volunteery activities, they will be focused on wildlife conservation. This year the winner will spearhead a campaign to - SAVE TURTLE, SAVE ORANGUTAN & LOVELY PANDA. In terms of modeling career, the winner of Man of The Year will work in three different agencies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Pageant owner Raymond Djambek from Indonesia told the press  that the Man of the Year pageant is a way to present Indonesia's peace-loving people and their unique culture to the world through its participating delegates from other nations. “The pageant will not only provide opportunities for men, but will also educate them to create awareness not only for themselves but also their families and the community to be more serious in saving and protecting the wildlife and environment. According to the organisers, the pageant will have many rounds to appraise each contestant's talents, confidence and intelligence. They also hope that the finalists would take the opportunity to learn as much as possible throughout the pageant week. The 1st ever winner of Man of the Year will travel around Indonesia and other countries to work as a model and ambassador to promote the pageant's causes.

Meet the Contestants!

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