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KUSUMA CHAWDON for Miss Universe Thailand 2016

Full Name: Kusuma Chawdon
Height: 180 cm / 5’11″
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: June 11 

In a skin whitening-craze nation Thailand, where fair skin is associated with  success, opportunity and status. But Kusuma's skin color may bring changes to that standard. Many of Thai pageant fans were praying for Kusuma to join the competition.  They said that her 'sii dam‘ (black colour)  will bring a new era in beauty for Thai women.

Kusuma is a pure blood Thai girl.
Her father is a southern Thai man with dark skin, this made her look like an African girl.
Though she was bullied growing up  because Thai, like other Asians, love to have fair or white  skin, she keeps this glam style and became famous in NY fashion industry. This 21-year old runway model in New York  is signed under Wilhemina Models management.

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