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Aileen Damiles' Banga Costume : Best Philippine National Costume Ever Grace in Miss Universe Stage

Pageanthology 101 considered Aileen Damiles' National Costume during Miss Universe 1996 as the Best Philippine National Costume to ever grace the Miss Universe stage.

Aileen wore an Igorot costume with matching layers of pots.  This costume was derived from the Kalinga “banga” dance (The Pot Dance). 

It's really an effort to wear this Banga costume. While other candidates are dancing freely to the Miss Universe 1996 Opening music ,  Leng is seen to hold layers of pots and balancing them in the stage. She had not just shown to the world the grace and agility but also Igorotas stamina and strength as they go about their task of fetching water and balancing the banga on their heads. 


Aileen during rehearsals

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