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PIA WURTZBACH will be part of Machala's Party Parade in ECUADOR

Miss Universe 2015 will be present at the cantonization parties of Machala in Ecuador, on Saturday, May 28 , next to the trading floor of the Machaleña Unity.

Pia  will arrive on Friday and stay until Sunday. Hopefully, she will  parade in an allegoric carriage decorated with the flag of the Philippines!

She will take part in a Solidarity Dinner for the benefit of Los Niños de la Casita de Mis Sueños and on the next day, she will attend the Annual Machala Parade.

Some Miss Universe winners who attend the Machala Parade in Ecuador

Last month, Wurtzbach took to Instagram to share her itinerary, saying that she was hoping to go to the quake-stricken Ecuador. 

“Wasn’t quite ready to leave yet and I really do hate saying goodbyes but duty calls! Next stop…Peru! And a possible Ecuador trip in the works (fingers crossed it pushes thru) I have you all in my thoughts and prayers!” Wurtzbach said.

Pia Wurtzbach sends her love to Ecuador


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