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Neil Perez wins Mister International 2014

Police officer hunky Neil Perez of the Philippines won the coveted title of Mister International 2014 held at Ansan, Korea, Saturday, on February 14, 2014, Valentines day!

Lebanon's representative Rabdi ElZein was the first runner up while Czech Republic's Tomas Dumbrovsky was the second runner up.
The hunk guys from  from Poland, Rafal Maslak was 3rd runner up while Slovenia's Mitja Nadizar was 4th runner up.

The goodlooking policeman from Tondo is a  bomb and explosives technician with the PNP Aviations Security Group. His participation in the pageant is supported by the Philippine National Police leadership. 

Mister International 2015 Announcement of Winners
Mister International 2015 : Philippines
1st runner- up: Mr. Lebanon
2nd runner- up: Mr. Czech Republic
3rd runner-up: Mr. Poland
4th runner-up: Mr. Slovenia

screen grabs from Mister International Official Facebook Page

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