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Miss Universe 2014 fever is on! Who's your bet for the winning the title?I'd like to add Serbia and Guyana in my Miss Universe list. Serbia possesses the greatest facial beauty this edition; her presence is just hard to ignore. Her Miss Earth stint is a plus as well, as she knows how to play the game in an international arena. Guyana is a Barbie. Her charm and grace is definitely hard to ignore. I won't be surprised seeing these two in the semis. 

About time for Turks and Caicos to place. it's been 27 years since Carmelita Ariza placed in the semis, during the 1987 miss universe pageant in Singapore  For Miss Netherlands, she's in that same physical tier with a whole bunch of Latina frontrunners and it's a crowded bunch. Too crowded for just 15 slots. Does she look novel because she's exotic but sporting the sash of a country that's predominantly white? Great body check- and that's just about it. But inevitably, we're not the judges so who knows, she might get in.

For Philippines MJ's Yamamay Runway walk I think her walk and poses are perfect! The carriage, the dangling hip movement to the rhythm of the music and the casual poses in the end makes her sexy and human. The other two looks good and tall, but they are stiff/rigid/over rehearsed/and robotic in their poses and carriages. Such walk/poses are only done on a modeling runway. MJ's walk captivates who ever is watching her and very natural.

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