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Miss Universe 2014 Observation

There are about 30-35 girls that could carry off the crown very well. 

France is exceptionally beautiful, but quet. Spain is perfect, but maybe not totally feminine. Russia is classy and elegant, but not a conventional beauty queen. Serbia is very photogenic and Greece is the perfect model. Great Britain is the sexiest. USA is the total package, but is she beautiful enough?

 Mexico is lika a filmstar of the last century, Costa Rica and Columbia are very strong, but maybe that is their weakness. Venezuela is very pretty and bubbly, Brazil is the whole package, again, but lacks elegance, Argentina is a real beauty queen of the last century. South Africa could win, Angola could win, Guyana could win. Australia ia the pretty, healthy blonde of today, Phillipines is beautiful, but lacks freshness. Thailand is a real queen, but dull. Indonesia could take it all. India is striking, but has a few drawbacks and I am sure that I am forgetting to mention at least 10 more.

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