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Excited for the 63rd Miss Universe

This year's Miss Universe is the most exciting edition for Filipinos not solely because this is the 3rd time MJ joined Bb. Pilipinas but because MJ, among the Philippines' bet to Miss Universe has the most number of fans/followers since she joined BBP the first time in 2011.

because among the Bb. Pilipinas Universe winners, MJ is the most loved by Filipino fans and because Filipinos believe that there is a very big possibility that MJ might win the crown this year because of several speculations, clues and premonitions including the visit of Paula Shugart and Gabriela Isler in Manila, because MJ as many people speculate is the one chosen by Paula and Molly to represent Philippines in MU and also some gossips that Miss Universe 2015 in December might be held here in the Philippines! It just made me laugh hard when I saw someone on tv who's feeling like a pageant expert/connoisseur! hahaha!

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