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Empowered Mom : Heaven Penaflorida, Mrs. Universe Philippines Makati City 2021

Heaven Penaflorida | Mrs  Makati for Mrs Universe Philippines

How does it feel to discover as an adult that you were adopted as a baby? 

From her humble beginnings, Mrs Makati City for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Heaven Penaflorida became the breadwinner of her family. She started working at the age of 16.
After the loss of her father, life became difficult and none of her relatives cared about them. They had nothing to eat that she had to get and used to eat Makopa fruit as their food. 
She was  in her late 20's when she discovered that she was adopted. She never went through a period of rebellion but she strived hard in life, determined to have a better future. 

Heaven was a  Former Flight Attendant, tour guide and an office manager. Currently she is the  Executive Assistant for a private company. She also ventured to world of entrepreneurship by owning 2 businesses; A visa processing office for foreigners and a  One Stop Shop for  Women "Affniqchic Boutique". 

Mrs Makati advocates for Women Empowerment, Ending violence against women and children. Heaven is now a mother of two beautiful children.

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