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Catherine Yogi is Mrs. Phil-Japan for Mrs. Tourism 2021 Pageant

𝗠𝗥𝗦. 𝗣𝗛𝗜𝗟-𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗔𝗡 | Mrs. Catherine Yogi is set to represent the Filipino Community in Japan as Mrs. Phil Japan in this year's Mrs. Tourism, an international pageant that celebrates married women and single mothers of all cultures and backgrounds

Catherine was Philippine Assistance Group Ambassador of Goodwill 2019 First Runner Up held in Meguro City, Tokyo, Japan. She was also the runner-up and bagged the Miss Filipiniana award in 2019's Philippine Expo in Ueno Park In Tokyo, Japan.

"Being a mother creates worthwhile moments be it bad or good. 
The most worthwhile of it all is at the end of the day you get the feeling of fulfillment and gratitude  You did it all because of the love that only a mother can give.                                                                                       Being a multitasker is a great help to be able to perform parental duties while being in a competition and perforn the duties of  Mrs. Tourism candidate. Learn to prioritize and do it systematically"

No other love could arguably ever beat the love of a mother towards her children. Aside from being a Filipino Japanese wife and mother, Catherine's love can also brave anything just to provide the needs of her children and give them a comfortable life and a bright future. 

"Do all things for the family with love and respect. This the best advise i can give. You learn to provide all the best for the family without taking oneself forgranted. In this period of pandemic it is my responsibility to do my share in the fight to eradicate this pandemic so i can go back to my family safe without putting then at risk"

The Mrs Tourism virtual competition 2021 will be the 4th edition under Ovette Ricalde's Megastar Production. 
Women representing 30 mothers from all over the world  are expected to participate in the final virtual show on August 3.

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