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Princess Kien Guanzon, Binibini 6, Occidental Mindoro


Binibini 6, Occidental Mindoro

Princess Kien Guanzon 


(Notes from the designer)

This masterpiece symbolizes the culture, tradition and livelihood of the Mangyan Tribe.  

Mangyans are know for being hard working people. Vegetables and fruits are one of their main resources of livelihood. The long ruffled back tail of the national costune represents the waves of the sea where they also get their means of living. The details on the bodice shows the rich visual art of the Mangyan Tribe called PAKUDOS. 

The PAKUDOS, believed to ward off evil spirits. Traditional MANGYAN Accessories are also incorporated in the national costume showing the craftsmanship and tradional culture of the MANGYAN Tribe.

Designer: Ranel Espaldon

Photography: Raymond Saldaña

Set Design: Henry Reyes HGR Events and Sabrosas

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