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Antipolo City Gov't named Cristhel Gardoce Bulabon,Mrs. Multinational World Ambassadress, among Antipolo's Heroes in 2020.


"When I started doing my relief operation, it wasn't because I was expecting anything in return but instead i was hoping i can do more to help"

Mrs. Multinational World Ambassadress 2020 Cristhel Gardoce Bulabon was one of those honored in a ceremony on Friday, December 18, held in Ynares Event Center for all her philanthropic deeds. 

Last March, Cristhel Fraulein Gardoce Bulabon  won Mrs Multinational World 2020 Goodwill Ambassadress and Mrs Multinational World Charm 2020 while her daughter Baby Keira Khris won major title as Little Miss Multinational World Super Grand Prix 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

The beauty queen was involved in  distributing relief goods for the victims of Taal Volcano eruption, victims of flooding at San Mateo, Rizal and in Quezon. In her own drive, she had distributed food and medical assistance to indigenous community in Zambales. Together with her "Angels", Cristhel was also involved in Tree planting event in Zambales. These are some of  many charitable acts committed by our Mrs. Multinational World Ambassadress.

Since before, Cristhel is one of the Antipolo citizens who are quick to respond to the needs of her fellowmen in times of calamity. This is one of the reasons why many Antipolo people admire the beauty queen. 

She may be "Dragona" but she's a genuine "dragona" with a heart. What others may be unaware of is her good heart that genuinely cares for others, her selfless deeds.

Photos via Cristhel Bulabon's Facebook

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