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Wachiraputts Supathanarisee of Thailand is Man of the Universe 2019

Man of the Universe 2019
September 6, 2019,
Teatro Casino, Waterfront, Cebu City.

MAN OF THE UNIVERSE 2019: Wachiraputts “Maris Supa” Supathanarisee of Thailand
1st Runner-Up: Sagar Pawan Bhageloe of  Netherlands
2nd Runner-Up: Adel Serhal Ukraine
Star Realms Ambassador: Prince Oomesh Luvusk of Mauritius

Star Realms Entertainment Production, headed by the president, Gilbs Espiritu, presents the first edition of Man of the Universe 2019.

An international male pageant that aims to provide young Men around the globe a platform to connect, learn culture and expand knowledge and horizons beyond their spheres. It gives an opportunity to create brotherhood amongst nations and showcase that race, religion, nationality and color can be unified in one goal.

A pageant that aims at strengthening humanity, promoting diversity and enhancing unity among nation.

Mankind no matter how diverse can be united.

13 Delegates
1. Ngonda Sangama Andrew Junior of Cameroon, 21, 6’2 ft , model
2. Frank Galvez of El Salvador, 22, 5’9 ft, Travel Vlogger, Model
3. Adonis Jocsing of Canada, 22, 6 ft, Sports and Occupational Therapist
4. Lorenzo Caballero of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 25, 5’9 ft, Sales
5. Taugik Sanjaya of Indonesia, 24, 5’9 ft, Entrepreneur
6. Prince Oomesh Luvkush of Mauritius, 29, 6 ft, Professional Dancer
7. Chandan Biskowarma of Nepal, 19, 5’8 ft, Model
8. Sagar Bhageloe of Netherlands, 29, 5’10 ft, Law Student
9. Juan Carlos Cabrera of Peru, 32, 5’11 ft, Chef
10. Anthony Eatabillo Abuan of Philippines, 20, 5’10 ft, Entrepreneur
11. Pedro Sardon of Spain, 25, 5’11 ft, Personal Trainer
12. Wachiraputts Supathanasiree of Thailand, 6 ft, Model
13. Adel Serhal of Ukraine, 21, 6’3 ft, Fashion Model

Major Sponsors:
1. Reddoorz at Century Plaza Hotel
2. Marick Beach Resort
3. Montebello Villa Resort
4. Above Aesthetics
5. Hasty Feet Travel Nation
6. Cabalen
7. Sam Ibanez Alga, Official Swimwear

Text from Man of the Philippines 2019 Facebook

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