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Mutya ng Pilipinas is now Mutya Pilipinas

Mutya ng Pilipinas is changing their name to craft a new identity. Mutya ng Pilipinas organization announced on Monday, May 6, that will now be known as "Mutya Pilipinas" minus the "ng".

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MS. CORY QUIRINO, President of Mutya Pilipinas:
"In keeping with the spirit of newness, MUTYA PILIPINAS announces its new name, minus the “ng”.
This, because phonetically speaking, its name flows more smoothly as pronounced. Symbolizing the arrival of a refreshed vision for the 51-year-old pageant, the name MUTYA PILIPINAS sets its sights towards more exciting alliances in the years to come.
Its shortened name intends to invoke the now in touch with all the aspects of being relevant and engaged with the times of present-day Philippines.
It has been the customary habit of the public in the past years to refer to the pageant as simply Mutya, an endearing nickname that we welcome. And it’s just as well that we flow with this very same rhythm of public awareness as MUTYA PILIPINAS.”

Photo by Mutya Pilipinas

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