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Bea Santiago : "Sexual Harassment IS REAL"; Speaks up about being Sexually Harassed

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Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago talked about her experience being a victim of sexual harassment. In a Facebook post, the 28-year-old actress and beauty queen recalled incidents of sexual assault she had experienced.

I was molested when I was a child by a priest. He is still preaching somewhere in Masbate.
I was told “why are you born too late! or sus sayang ka Bea, kong napanganak ka lang mas maaga” By a pageant guy winner. I WAS 12YEARS OLD AND HE WAS 21.
I was once touched inappropriately by a well known businessman. This guy is a well known CEO of a big company (companies pa nga e) he even organized parties for girls who didnt win with his friends🤮 (I think “hoping” they stopped it)
The next time I met him I was a candidate and the organizers were there to see things thoroughly.
He couldn’t interact with us because the chairwoman was present and so as the chaperones. - still he was talking nonsense to us 🙄
- We were at the congress or senate? when a Queen was touched (her behind) while taking a photo. She immediately told me (with a help me look) so i put my hand covering her back protecting her from the “old well known perv” We just won an international pageant but still 😔
- i was working when I posed with a middle aged man (I had a feeling he was a perv) so I put both my hands behind me. He still managed to “accidentally swing her hand touching my behind”
It happens. No matter how careful you are. No matter how Big/ popular/ old/ “religious” a person is, HE CAN STILL BE A PERVERT.
I still feel guilty for not speaking up and file complaints or SLAP THE HELL OUT OF THEM. I guess speaking up now will help the future Queens.
- I am honestly really scared to speak up. I hope I wont regret this.

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