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ALYSSA MUHLACH ALVAREZ | Road to Miss World Philippines 2018

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A 22-year-old singer, celebrity, and a recording artist is one of the official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2018. She graduated from high school at GCF International Christian School as an honor student with an average score of 96.33. She is an alumna of the University of Asia and the Pacific took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications as having a Merit Scholar. She speaks Filipino and Spanish.

As a singer, she had 2 albums under VIVA Records before: Addicted to Acoustic 3 and Yssa Muhlach. She received Gold Record Award for her first album Addicted Acoustic 3 and was nominated for “ Female Acoustic Artist of the Year and New Female Recording Artist of the Year at the 3rd PMPC Star Awards for Music. Moreover, she was also nominated as “Female Acoustic of the Year with her self-entitled album “Yssa Muhlach”. - nominated for “Acoustic Album of the Year “ at the 6th PMPC Star Awards for Music. She was also a regular singer at Party Pilipinas in GMA as part of the program for 2 years contract.

She decided to join Miss World Philippines because she wants to be able to empower and inspire children who grew up abandoned, abused or felt neglected in any way. She wants to share with them that your circumstances do not define who you are, rather it is the choices you make that show who you are. She wants to tell them that they can achieve anything they want in life as long as they put their hearts and minds into it.

She is working with Gentle Hands Inc. Their vision is to be a center for rescue and healing of children in crisis. As part of her advocacy, she wants to be able to help them work towards improving the lives of children (who come from situations of crisis, trauma, and abuse) through a faith-based and family-centered approach.

As being rookie to Pageantry, will she be the next Miss World Philippines 2018? Grand Coronation Night will be on October 7, 2018, at MOA Arena. Let’s support her journey to the crown.

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